-kel's bloggg-

-kel's bloggg-

Monday, April 20, 2009


hey guys, sorry i din update my blog for ages...
being really busy with work n life...

recently alot of unexpected things happened T_T
so i think i had to shutdown my blog for permanent..

sorry ...

last piece

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bye Bye Everyone!

'so toi' face the other day before going out

Hey guys, might not be updating that often from tomorrow onwards...
All thanks to WORK WORK WORK!!
Urghhhhh those 12hours of hell!!
Crap cant describe too long in case boss sees this and im fired xD

Previous post was really 'emo' due to several reasons but thanks to someone for cheering me up with something really FUNNY !!

she drew me an ice cream !!
LOL and its exactly how i described it to her

Today is super tired -.-
Had to drive to PISA early morning cause of education fair
Take a few papers then 'bela' dee =p
Guys need ur help!! -----> dentist or engineer?
Someone help pleaseeeee!!
That place is flooded with people!

For those singles out here, u should go there tomorrow!
Who knows u might *coughs* u know xD

Then headed to Queensbay for lunch and 'jalan-jalan'
At first im supposed to go home first then follow dad to pg again to have dinner with grandma but thanks to MASSIVE JAM at the bridge due to some idiot banging another idiot, so i dont have to go all the way home! =D

Yesterday was really really fun!!
Went out to Queensbay with dear, joyee n chai xD
And we watched LOVE MATTERS

one word to describe it...

SPM results gonna be announce soon!!
can u feel the atmosphere filled with excitement and suspens?!!
Chai : mailehhhhhh!! shut up la!
Annonymous : STFU before i *censored*

ok ok i better stop with the spm thingy...
Please come visit me at Studio carefour !!
im the one wearing green T !! lol

ps : probably wont be updating till May T_T

flying off

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Short update

Not in the mood now so i'll just write a short summary of what happened this week...
First, went out with dear to watch 'The Punisher II'

Then yesterday went out with Joyee to Sunway n met up with sis...
Had lunch together in Sake Sushi then bbal as usual...

Today went out bbal with dear, chai n saf...
After that go Mc donald awhile...
Damn the mc flurry is so small -.-

Thats roughly what happened...
Why im so moody??
U dont wanna know...

gonna start work this sunday T_T

crawling off

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

updates on Feb 14th !

Sorry for the late post xD
Ain't that video clip funnehhh??
My mouth nearly jammed when i see that video the other day -.-
ps : thanks rach for telling me bout that video =p

OKAY back to the topic !!
Valentine's day this year was AMAZING!! *mata terbeliak*
Early morning, me n dear went out to pacific cause i need to pass to Saf the "undang disc"

me and her !!

After that we headed straight to Queensbay!
Fuhhh luckily there's no traffic jam or what-so-ever that day.
My prayer works! LOL
Then we walked everywhere looking for food!
Couldn't find the perfect shop to eat.
Finally we decided to eat in PIZZA HUT!!

Both that pic were snapped coincidentally!
Cute rite? :P

Actually i planned to go for movie but no nice movie lately and the screening time is super late -.-
After that we walked around Queens till leg pain xD
This is the first time i went shopping with a girl besides my MUM N SIS!!
Had alot of FUN with her throughout the day!!
*cough cough*

Another photo of me and her in the car!

Guess what my present is!!

A vday card!!
Thx dear, im touched by the contents in it..
Unlike mine, i spend hours on writing " to my dear"

A box of yummy chocolates!
Im eating it now!! =p

And the best of all is.....

A converse Tshirt !!

The whole day was simply superb.
And i'll tresure every moment when im with u.

Once i reached home, straight off to bed!
The whole atmosphere changed BIG TIME when darn xxx and xxx woke me up from my deep slumber over a stupid unreasonable reason -.-
And i twisted my neck!! damn it hurts till today...
But i guess its a 'payback' for having the best day of my life!
100% worth it !!


Next topic ---> NBA ALLSTAR GAME!!

As u all know, im a big fan of basketball...
This year Allstar is shocking!!
A 5 feet 8 inches guy jump over a 7 footer =.=!!
Superhuman huh!??

Nate Robinson!! <-- my idol
West team won the ALLSTAR game!!
After watching the ALLSTAR game, it inspired me to play bbal and i end up spraining my neck again -.-

Alright gtg soon!
else wifey gonna rush me <3>

hopping off

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day !!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another update!

Ok Ok, i updated dee!!
Shheeessshhhh... Thx to Chai for spamming my cbox, else i wont update..

So lets see, nothing much happened today besides...
Someone asks me "why lungs?"
I dont know, it just sounds right.. LOL
Today is nearly the most BORING-est day ever!
All i did was starring at the computer,tv and psp...
Stare stare stare!! One day i'll go BLIND for sure...
Then it would the end of my life...
*sits at one corner and starts praying*

Today din end that pathetic as it would be...
At 1.22am , GMT+8, local time, something amazing happened!!
*drum roll*
jeng jeng jeng!!
I received a message from her!!
She's leaving there tomorrow morning to New Delhi then to Kuala Lumpur...
And she'll reach here bout 7am the next day! *shouts n screams!*

ok moving on!
Today something else happened too...
something outta my imagination...
Yen had a CRUSH on someone!!
Omg i shouldnt say it out...
Guess our friend finally grow up to an O _ _ Lady
Jk jk pls ignore it xD

Been starring at it since morning...
Got to go now else i really need a thick thick specs...

Muka tak malu! *points up*

Dont really know why i snap this pic...
I just feel its kinda cool @_@

Buzzing off

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keep moving forward everyday...

Finally i'm back from my own personal "laziness"....
Thank God im free now!! HALLELUJAH!! *sings madly*

Alright first of all ,
Today go out with dear to meet up with vondylle or yee feng ( i dono which one to call) in sunway..
So, me n dear reached there kinda early n start her shopping spree for her trip to India!
psssttt.. lets see what she bought xD
- some food container
- 2 packets of biscuits
- 2 packets of sweets
- a wash face lotion
- eye liner !! lol ( i just discover that it looks like a pencil TODAY! ) lame me -.-
- a white pants! ( sorry i forgotten xD )
- urghhh i cant remember other stuffss.. damn small brain of mine

ok ok forget bout it..
After that, we met up wit vondylle in Winter Warmers!
Damn shocked to see her at first...
This is what she commented on me, " you look funny!! "
OMG do i look that funny?? T_T

ok this is a pic of my "funny" face xD

Ain't she's hawt? i wont take no as an answer xD
i agree with ya vond!! sui rite..
lol she's gonna kill me